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  • VMS : Vibration Monitoring System
  • VMS(V-Net 7000) is a high technology system based on NADA’s deep knowledge and experiences in vibration analysis
  • Intelligent monitoring system allows users to detect a possible defect early
  • -> preventing an unexpected failure

    • Independent operating system
    • Multiple channels can be analyzed simultaneously
    • Backs up raw data automatically whenever an alarm is initiated (prior to & after the event)
    • Data collecting interval: 0.1 seconds
    • Frequency resolution: Max. 25,600 Hz/256,600 Lines
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet): power supplied via LAN
    • LCD display of vibration on modules
    • LED display of sensor status (normal/disconnected/short circuit)

    • Trend/ Multi-Trend/ FFT/ Water Fall/ Cascade/ Time Domain Plot/ Envelope
    • Session Manager/ Plant Map/ Client Area
    • Convenient system configuration
    • Various vibration analysis settings

    • Integrated function module
    • (processing integrated signals: vibration, temperature, pressure, output, expansion)
    • VDPM (Vibration Data Processing Module)
    • - Analog Input 8Ch, Tacho 2Ch
      - Input Voltage: Max. ±10V
    • Independent operation of 8-channel unit modules based on IP address
    • Detailed analysis of high frequency in high speed DSP
    • Customizable plant map design
    • Automatic reporting function

    - Turbines
    - Balance of plant (BOP)
    - Coal Handling System
    - Desulfurization
    - Others

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