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  • Remote supervisory system of FGD(Flue-Gas Desulfurization), BUF(Booster Fan)
  • OAB(Oxidation Air Blower)
  • Vibration and condition monitoring of BUF and OAB
  • Independent operating system for each equipment -> Independent management
  • Solving noise problems via optical communication network

-Independent operation of 8-channel unit based on IP address
-Integrated function module
(processing integrated signals : vibration, temperature, pressure, output, expansion)
- Data collecting interval: 0.1 seconds
- Different settings for each channel
- Frequency resolution : Max. 25,600 Hz/25,600 Lines
- Backs up raw data whenever an alarm is initiated
- LCD Display of vibration on module
- LED Display of sensor condition
(normal/disconnected/short circuit)
- PoE(Power over Ethernet): power supplied via LAN

- Signal processing module & channel settings
- Frequency range & spectrum unit settings
- Sensor & parameter settings
- Interworking System (DCS, Mark V/VI, ERP, etc.)
- Efficient alarm management
- Real-time monitoring
- Trend/Multi-trend/FFT/Water fall / Cascade/Time domain plot/Envelope
- Session Manager/Plant Map/Client Area

- Optimized system for BUF(Booster Fan) and OAB(Oxidation Air Blower)
- Optimized settings depending on bearing type, parameter, frequency range
- Independent operating system (Stand Alone type)
- Easy to add additional equipment
- Minimized signal loss and field noise due to short hard-wire distance(less than 10m) to sensor
- Optical cable between VDPM(individual module) and control room(server)
- Minimized noise by transferring digital signal
- Reduced installation & management cost

- Booster Fan(BUF)
- Oxidation Air Blower

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