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- Analyzing various input signals (vibration, temperature, pressure, etc.)
and finding possible defects on running machine tool
- Real-time condition monitoring of mass production line (private jet, MCC, etc.)
- Minimizing problems leading to deterioration in product quality,
and preventing unexpected breakdown

(Real-time monitoring private jet, MCC, and others on production line)

Main function

- Real-time monitoring of equipment condition
- Measuring various types of data (vibration, pressure, current, etc.)
- Reporting detailed alarm & current status of each line
- Recommends how to react when an alarm is initiated
- Analysis of trend & alarm function

Strong point

- The world’s first bespoke software specialized in features of a running machine tool.
(load, running speed, processing pattern, types of tool, etc.)
- Specialized in monitoring both normal defects (bearing, incorrect assembly, etc.)
and machine tool-only defects (incorrect tool, overload tool, tool breakdown, tool cutting, overload cutting tool, shortening tool, worn down tool, missing work-piece, etc.)
- Predictive maintenance leading to quality enhancements


- Hyundai Motor (Ulsan Plant in Korea) : Kappa block line (Private jet and MCC)

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