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Helps lowering high failure rate of the two core equipments in tire plants, Calender and Mixer, leading to higher productivity

Main function

1.Global Web Monitoring Program

- Integrated management of plants from all over the world
- Comparing operation rates of different plants from all over the world
- Easy to monitor and comprehend

2. Global Database Management

- Lists of database usages and conditions
- Restricted access based on authority
- Offered in multiple languages (Korean, English, Chinese)
- Various calculation functions (Min, Max, Average, etc.)
- Can be alerted via SMS, e-mail when an alarm is initiated

3. Simplified Configuration and Plot Session

- Easy to obtain the most frequently used plot
- Easy mapping via drag and drop function

4. Abnormal Noise Check Support

- Abnormal noise can be heard from recorded sound without having to visit the site

5. . Applying Various Parameters based on equipment

* Wear Particle Sensor
- Outline : Supports online monitoring of data from wear particle sensors
- Concept : Magnetic property of debris sensor is used to monitor the changes in voltage when wear
particles make contact with a wear particle sensor. Output is determined by the size and mass of a particle (Measured in every 2 seconds)

* Flow switch
- Outline : Operates when flux matches the range user sets (or when fueling stops)

Strong Points


- Hankook Tire (7 plants across the world)
- Nexen Tire

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