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Condition monitoring and diagnostics agency services for a site where need more objective Facilities management

-Dispatch of qualified specialists
-Professional facilities management services
-Low cost with a high level services

- Measuring equipment : VibLow CXII pLus


- Equipment introduction : Diagnostic equipment
(Failure for design, assembly and installation)
- Equipment trial : Equipment problem diagnosis (Base strain, distortion, rapid wear and assembly strain.)
- Equipment operation : Periodic monitoring and diagnostic equipment

Flow Chart


-Dispatch of level II class specialist
-Periodically measure and report results using the portable instrument
-Immediately report for abnormal equipment


- Mechanical Condition Assessment : SAMSUNG, Hangook tire, Posco and 25 other companies
- Safety Inspection : SK, Incheon drain pump, Kotec and etc.
- Trouble shooting : Hyundai motor, Kumho petrochemistry and ect.
- Others : Renault Samsung motors, Kogas and etc.
- Hyundai Mobis Alabama factory PdM construct
- Hyundai Mobis Georgia factory PdM construct
- China DYK PdM construct
- Hangook tire Hungary factory (MP) PdM service
- Doosan infracore Incheon factory PdM


NADA CO.,Ltd. | President : Min Ho Kim | #803, Innovalley C , Pangyo-ro 253
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do , Korea
TEL:+82-31-8017-7820 | FAX:+82-31-8017-7824 |

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