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Discovering unusual movements of motor and traction machine by monitoring driving parts of lift, escalator and moving-walk
-> Removing potential risk factors to improve safety

Trigger function

- Analyzing each driving line with measured data from start to finish

Integrated Web Monitoring

- Integrated management system for monitoring current conditions of all plants across the world
- User-friendly monitoring via a specialized program

History management

- Analyzing the cause of a failure of each lift
- Organizing history of frequency and location into database
- Types of history: Equipment, Failure, Repair, Diagnosis, Maintenance, etc.

Strong point

-Minimizing the use of analog cables to reduce noise and obtain pure data
-Sensor/cable status and vibration values can be checked at office(via computer) or on-site(via modular sensor)
-Easy to add additional equipment to system by constructing a single Rack then connecting them to server through hub.
-LED lamp display makes it easy to understand


-Samsung Display (proposal stage)
-Government offices

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