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- Monitoring system for verifying effectiveness and optimizing equipment
(improving quality of material, shape of foot bearing, etc.)
- Making steel sheet production faster
- Improving production quality

Main function

- Monitoring increases in vibration of Sink Roll and Stab’ Roll caused by Line Speed Up
- Monitoring driving parts in case of an abrasion
- Built-in two-way communication system that can link information of driving equipment of the CGL process
- Intelligent system that can find out causes of main defects of the CGL process and give a warning in advance
- Improving production quality by analyzing relationship between equipment’s condition and quality factors of steel sheet based on long-term database
- Detailed analysis by various built-in diagnosis modes
- Easy access and statistical analysis of each line’s information (production quality, etc.)

Strong point

- Analyzing causes of defect scientifically and performing predictive maintenance leads to prevention/reduction of unexpected failures
- By developing a vibration monitoring system suitable for the CGL process, investment costs can be minimized, hence, the effect of investment can be maximized
- Raising the efficiency of production by delaying intervals between maintenance
- Improving defective materials based on scientific analysis leads to longer equipment life
- Establishing quality control system based on database (history of equipment & material, working condition)



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